5 Hotel Digital Marketing Trends That You Need To Know

Apr 18, 2019




Digital marketing becomes a part and parcel of the hotel business. Hotel businesses are mostly depending on the digital platform now to attract more guests.

Social media has a great impact in day to day life. Most of the people search online for hotel deals. If your hotel does not appear on search result it’ll be a tough job to remain successful for your hotel.

So, an online presence is a must for hotels business. Digital marketing can build web reputations and thus won new clients.

Today we will see the top 5 trends of digital marketing which can boost the business:

  1. Concentrate on Local SEO

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means when someone search in search engine related local business will come up. For example, if anyone search “Hotels in Dubai” the search will show the hotels located in Dubai.

So hotel owners need to do search engine optimization so that the search engine shows their hotel in the search result.

  1. Build a responsive website

Develop a website which needs to be responsive to the computer as well as mobile devices because most of the people browse the internet from mobile devices. So make sure the website is mobile ready.

  1. Create shareable contents for prospective guests

Hotels need to take a content development strategy to get noticed. They can shoot their hotel and then can share the video on all digital platforms.

  1. Build Social Media Presence

Strong social media presence can get a lot of traffic and won prospective guest because most people are active in social media. So build a strong social media presence to get noticed.

  1. Use video/image marketing

Hotels are visible and most of them have nice decoration. So video and image content of the hotel can be shared on video platforms like Instagram.

These are the top 5 digital marketing trends for digital marketing for hotel business. Adapt these trends and make your hotel business success.

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