Product Photography Basics: How to style a flat lay for Instagram

How to style a flat lay for Instagram

If you are an Instagram junkie like us, you have most probably been impressed with the spectacular array of flat lays portrayed by your favorite brands and influencers. Flat lay photography does not only help showcase products but also gets the attention almost every time. They might seem daunting at first, but are easy to master once you learn the basic tricks.

How to style a flat lay for Instagram

If you are also considering flat lay for your product photography in Dubai, these simple tips will help you get the hang of it:

Start with a color pallet

Choose 2-3 colors that blend well together. In fact, we suggest unifying the same color theme with all your product photography. This will create a consistent image in the minds of your Instagram followers and allow them to recognize your style in a second.

Go for neutral background

Scroll through the pages of some of your favorite Instagrammers. Observe that they use a neutral background in all their flat lays. As a general rule of thumb, white works best. However, if your content calls – you can go with wooden flooring, a desk, and even pavements.

Add character

Use different elements or texture to add character in your flat lay photographs. Fur, cloth, glass, pots, candles, boxes – the choices are endless. Mix and match the colors, shapes, lightning, and sizes to create an interesting ambiance in your flat lays.

Balance your products

Create a balance in your photographs by placing the large-sized items in accordance with the dainty products. Disperse the weight fairly so the large items don’t dominate the whole picture. For example, if your prime product is a jacket, try placing it in the center of the portrait. Place secondary accessories like a bag and shoes on the sides.

Go for natural lighting

Instead of investing in expensive lighting equipment, simply make use of the natural lighting outside. The best time to achieve good lighting is to go outside with your subject before the sun comes out – early morning. Or try the late evening.

Avoid shooting in direct sunlight as you may get weird shadows and color saturation. And if the pictures are lacking the ‘oomph’ at the end, you can edit them using the different editing tools available on your mobile phone.

Aim from above

When taking a flat lay photograph, make sure to get enough height between you and your subject, allowing the entire focal point to be in the image. Also, make sure you are as further away from the product as possible so you can straighten the image out easily afterward without compromising on the complete picture.

Follow Instagram’s photography guidelines

Instagram has a limit of uploading photos that are 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. When uploading your flat lay product photography, make sure the image is at least that large for maximum clarity.

The photo-sharing app also does not have a size restriction. In fact, research shows that pictures outside the standard square size get more recognition on Instagram so don’t worry about shooting at a standard photo frame.

Edit, as you need!

To spice up the image, edit the flat lay using the apps easily available for mobile phones. Through these apps, you can apply filters to the image, add highlights to the color, and adjust contrast.

Above all, be creative and experiment with different styles to get the perfect flat lay image for your Instagram page. If you need help with your product photography in Dubai, book a session with our experts at The Photography Co!

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