Product Photography: what the experts don’t tell you

Product Photography: what the experts don’t tell you

In an e-commerce business, the power is in the picture. When it comes to online shopping, the potential customers are unable to physically feel your product. This is why they rely on product photography to make their purchase decision.

Studies also show that 90% of information that is provided to the human in the form of visual aid is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Images stir up emotions and since many online customers are emotional shoppers – the images make great marketing tools.

Hiring good product photographers in Dubai can make or break you. In fact, 83% of US-based smartphone users agree that product photographs are extremely influential in their retail therapy.

Product Photography: what the experts don’t tell you

If you are working to break even with your online store, then perhaps it’s time to evaluate your photography skills. In this guide, let’s take a look at some product photography tips that will get your customer to scroll back to your products:

Product photography vs. lifestyle shots

Two types of product photography are used to highlight items in a digital marketplace. The first is the product-only images that focus on the subject itself and includes shooting the product from different angles. Preferably, a white background is utilized for the product-only images to maintain consistency.

The second is called in-context or lifestyle photographs. These shots tell a type of story and showcase the product being used in its natural environment or along with complimenting items. They are best suited for social media posts, email content, and other advertising channels.

Our expert product photographers in Dubai recommend using multiple images of a single item along with 1-2 lifestyle shots in an e-commerce site.

Stage your products

Prepare your products in advance. Take a close look at each item and remove any imperfections that are visible. Also, plan out the layout for lifestyle shots.

For example, if you sell kitchen utensils, prep up your shot by picturing them in use during cooking. Whereas, athletic gear like tennis shoes looks great in action.


Natural lighting is the ideal solution for a photographer on a budget. Early morning or late afternoon sun gives the best light without too much harshness. If you are shooting outside, opt for overcast days instead of going for the sunny ones.

You can also invest in a three-point lighting system that uses different light sources for a natural, blended look.

Invest in a tripod

Tripods are a staple item in any professional photographer’s toolkit. No matter how steady you keep your hands, they are bound to shake at some moment resulting in blurred images.

Instead, go for a tripod to ensure that your product photographs come out clear, consistent, and crisp.

Some more tips to remember:

Here are some more tips to make your products stand out in images.

  • Avoid distractions in photographs and keep the prime focus on your products
  • Use a consistent background in all images that you upload on your website
  • Make sure each product image is uniform when it comes to size, alignment, and positions
  • Retouch your images using photo editing apps like Photoshop and Lightroom to remove any imperfections

If you require professional help for your product photography, book an appointment with our expert product photographers in Dubai at The Photography Co and start selling!

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