Why Is Digital Marketing Better Than ‘Old School’ Marketing?

Apr 18, 2019




Like everything else in our lives, marketing is changing and evolving at a fast pace. Before the internet and computers, marketing agencies were able to come up with a marketing strategy for your business based on what they had at the moment. Today, the story is different, and it pushes old school marketing aside. In today’s article, we’ll talk more about why is digital marketing better than the ‘old school’ marketing.

Similarities & Differences

While ‘old school’ marketing still exists, its powers aren’t what they used to be. Before this modern age, people were only able to see marketing campaigns on television or hear them over the radio. Handing fliers in person on the street or in the shop, placing ads in newspapers, or putting posters on the walls on the streets. These were the capabilities of the ‘old school’ marketing. And it was doing wonders. It surely has. But nowadays, with digital marketing, capabilities went straight through the roof. In our modern age, you can place ‘posters’ and ads into anyone’s pocket. Since people of today carry their mobile phones, tablets, or laptop computers everywhere they go, all they need is an internet connection, and you’ll be able to do your magic. Using Google ads, Facebook ads, Youtube ads, social media platforms and all other kinds of prominent places where you’re able to place your marketing ad, you’ll be able to reach thousands or even millions of potential customers. That’s not something a wall poster could do, correct? Secondly, in the past, you needed to do a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ before your ad and campaign were ready to go. Nowadays all of it is on the contrary. You’re able to prepare and do everything from your office desk or even from your bed if you are a freelance marketer.


Being able to build the entire campaigns and ads from the comfort of your bed is fundamentally better than it was used to be in the past. Doing everything much faster than before is another reason that puts digital marketing in front of ‘old school’ marketing. Digital revolution is all around us, and we need to accept the fact.

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